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What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a flavorful form of concentrate that packs a potent punch. When resin is cured, it can lose 60% of its original terpenes. Depending on the process, or the preference of curing resin, 60% of the plant’s terpenes and other compounds can be destroyed.

What separates Live Resin from other concentrates?

Unique to live resin, the process starts right after harvesting the fresh plant by flash freezing the it to preserve these terpenes and plant compounds. Because these flavor blasting plant compounds are retained, the taste of live resin is much more vibrant and noticeable than other concentrates. This is unlike other processes where the plant material may be kept unfrozen or even cured or dried.

What form does Live Resin come in?

The makeup of live resin differs depending on the process. More often than not, it’s final form is a looser material — often in sap, sugar, sauce or budder. Live resin in the form of shatter is also available but it is more difficult to produce, thus less readily available to buy. Producers may take it even further and make live resin cartridges.

How to store Live Resin

If you’re serious about your live resin and the quality of what you smoke, make sure to keep it in an air tight and light proof container. Doing so preserves the quality and freshness of the concentrate.

There are many ways to produce live resin, and as concentrate producers become connoisseurs of their craft, live resin can only get tastier and have more variety for us to enjoy!

Bonus fact: Live resin was pioneered in Colorado Springs, CO in 2013!

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