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Black History & Cannabis History

States like New York are following in the footsteps of California and Colorado's legal marketplaces, but with a higher focus on social equity than any other market has before.⁠⁠

On both the state and federal levels, there are already plenty of cannabis legislation proposals being considered. Senator Cory Booker pushed to pass the Cannabis Justice Act from 2017 to 2019. It would have legalized cannabis on a national level and created policies to allow areas disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs heal.⁠⁠

Many Black-owned and managed businesses are also attempting to change the cannabis industry's landscape to make it more inclusive. These organizations are aiming to achieve social equity and racial justice in the cannabis industry.

Here at Cannabis King, we'd like to put a spotlight on some of these equipped organizations:⁠⁠

  1. Minorities for Medical Marijuana (⁠ @m4mmunited
  2. Cannabis for Black Lives (⁠@cannabisforblacklives
  3. Supernova Women (⁠@supernovawomen

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