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Best Songs While High

Whether you're waiting for your edible to kick and you're laying on the floor with the Vinyl spinning. Or you're smoking up a joint on the couch, either ready to kick back and relax or kick it with some friends and get grooving.

Anyone who partakes understands there's vibes and rhythms that we enjoy while being high. Here's our personal list, thoughtfully curated by our knowledgeable and experienced Budtenders and some of our guests. The first three are our Budtender Picks due to their amazing instrumental work to their mesmerizing vocals, each listen is a new experience with chords and sounds we thought we would’ve heard sooner.⁠

We kept the list short, because to us, this list is THE list.

The Best Songs To Listen To While High or Getting Stoned

  1. Kid Cudi - Marijuana⁠⁠
  2. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze⁠⁠
  3. David Bowie - Space Oddity⁠
  4. Jhené Aiko - Sativa
  5. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
  6. Wiz Khalifa feat. Logic - High Today
  7. Lil Wayne - Blunt Blowin'
  8. Chance The Rapper feat. Future - Smoke Break
  9. Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High
  10. Grate Dead - High Time

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